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EXUS as Coordinator

MAGELLAN. The World, Your Playground!

MAGELLAN redefines LBEs on mobile devices worldwide, by leveraging a codeless platform for the rapid and cost-effective creation and promotion of LBEs/games, harnessing a global ecosystem of authors.

MAGELLAN FTI provides a platform where design professionals can easily create and publish location-based, mixed-reality, multiplayer games. The MAGELLAN FTI platform offers an end-to-end solution for the authoring, publishing, execution and experiencing of location-based experiences running on smart phones and other mobile devices.
Main features of the project solution:
Codeless, graphic authoring environment dedicated to non-programmers for the cost-effective creation, refinement and publishing of location-based experiences.
Visual authoring interface based on 3D GIS system to support large-scale indoor/outdoor environments.
A scalable cloud-based infrastructure supporting the execution of published experiences involving numerous participants.
Execution of Mixed-Reality Location-based experiences on major mobile platforms (iOS/Android).

MAGELLAN FTI is a game changer that enables the transition from traditional Location-Based Services developed by software engineers, to next-generation Location-Based Experiences, developed without programming skills to immerse multiple users in mixed realities.

MAGELLAN FTI is funded under the Fast Track to Innovation pilot programme, and will lead to a market-ready product.


06/2016 - 08/2018

Project duration

2,526,250 €

Overall Budget



MAGELLAN changes the way location based experiences are created and enables creative professionals to build such experiences without having to use expensive programming skills. Designers and game creators can quickly validate game scenarios and add Augmented Reality elements. Release and upload to popular stores can take place in a few days time.



GLOBAZ, S.A. (Portugal)



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