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AI Solutions

EXUS as a whole
EXUS is an innovative financial services provider that is participating in several research projects to create valuable knowledge for its own products.
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The company understands that the financial industry is constantly evolving and that research is a key driver of innovation. Therefore, they have invested significant resources into research and development to ensure that their products remain competitive and provide the best possible solutions for their customers. By participating in research projects, EXUS has been able to develop proprietary knowledge that gives them a competitive edge in the market. This knowledge has allowed them to create cutting-edge products and services that are highly sought after by their clients. Overall, EXUS's commitment to research and development has been critical in ensuring that they remain a leader in the financial sector.

EXUS AI Labs develops solutions in the following domains:

  • Search & Rescue​

  • Healthcare​

  • Security/Privacy ​

  • Environment (Climate Change & Disaster Prevention, Recycling)​

  • Agriculture​

  • Culture & Creativity ​

  • Defense​

WISSM Platform
What-if Scenarios Simulation Modeling (WISSM) Platform
Critical and rare events are difficult to manage from the perspective of emergency management due to their complexity, size and the number of stakeholders involved.
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The EXUS WISSM platform comprises two decision-aid tools, the scenario builder module and the disaster/crisis mitigation module, and aims at facilitating an individual or a group in decision making under high risk or uncertain situations. The scenario-builder module supports creative design of emergency management scenarios invirtual environments and the development of crisis resource management skills, including problem solving, situation awareness, resource utilization and leadership. The disaster/crisis mitigation module is based on cooperation of large-scale, high-resolution, real-time simulations and assimilation of real-time observation data.

WISSM platform uses cutting-edge technologies and computational intelligence algorithms based on stochastic modeling, extreme value theory, swarm intelligence, biologically-inspired and population-based optimization algorithms, evolutionary fuzzy, multi-criteria decision analysis and extreme learning to support decision making in strategic, tactical and operational levels.

Edge-Cloud Continuum (ECC) Platform
EXUS AI Labs put a special emphasis on the AI-enabled computing continuum from Cloud to Edge

by performing sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms in the resource-constrained edge devices (edge tier), filtering high-volume sensor data before further processing (gateway tier) and performing large-scale data computation to produce insights that generate value (cloud tier).

Combining fusion concepts with Machine Learning, Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) and Adversarial Learning, our ECC platform aims at addressing big data challenges with regard to latency, energy, and bandwidth constraints, as well facilitating intelligent decision making without compromising data privacy and security.

Artificial Intelligence Edge-Cloud continuum technology. Polygonal cloud wireframe with two arrows pointing up and down.
ECC Platform

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