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Exploiting the use of technology solutions

Security Official. Security Artificial Intelligence R&D.

A vision for security

EXUS security research and innovation activities focus on fight against terrorism and organized crime, the protection of the external European maritime and land borders, critical infrastructure protection, civil crisis management and cybersecurity resilience.

Transnational collaboration is considered by EXUS as an enabler of the harmonization of security operations in Europe, allowing for efficient planning, rapid response and effective disaster mitigation/relief. Our research effort is based on our European values and helps protect them.
At the same time, security technologies are becoming more and more present in modern societies prompting at times several concerns on the issue of privacy of citizens. It becomes therefore imperative to ensure ethical transparency of security research and development activities. We are active members of the Integrated Mission Group on Security and we contribute regularly to the public-private dialogue in security research via the European Security Research and Innovation Forum (ESRIF).
We understand that both human and natural factors may pose security risks. This is crucial in designing and developing technology solutions for effective preparation, prevention, protection, response and recovery.
EXUS actively supports the European Security Research and Innovation Agenda (ESRIA) by:
tackling the integration challenges of complex, mission-critical, security systems
ensuring societal acceptance of our ideas through a carefully defined framework
exploiting diverse information exchanges to enhance openness of data
adopting security-by-design principles for the development of its solutions
development of enhanced situational awareness and decision support engines
placing civil protection at the centre of our security research activities


EXUS’ vision towards a Secure Society aligns with the strategic research roadmap of the European Commission, as this was depicted in FP7 and is extended into Horizon 2020. See below some of our most recent innovation projects in the area of security focusing on:

• Security of infrastructures and utilities
• Intelligent surveillance and border security
• Restoring security and safety in case of crisis
• Security systems integration, interconnectivity and interoperability
• Cybersecurity, privacy and trust
• Fight against crime and terrorism

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