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Transform raw data into information that has value


Cloud computing and AI analytics

The natural expansion of internet has created an increase in the global data production. The constant addition of millions of connected devices increases not only volume but also velocity.

The need to collect and analyse non-structured or semi-structured data, introduces new challenges in the management of data that surpass traditional methods. Novel cloud technologies and AI are now seen as enablers to create or capture value from otherwise not fully exploited data.

The challenge is to find a way to efficiently transform raw data into trustworthy information that has value, either internally, or for making business out of it.

Our role in research projects is to coordinate and actively contribute to initiatives which harness the potential of Big Data. EXUS AI Labs has long experience in ICT technologies (AI analytics, data fusion, decision making) applied in sectors such finance, security and heath.

Our vision is to transform research to successful market products.

Our approach includes the following important aspects:
• privacy by design and federated intelligence in heterogeneous environments
• dealing with different data quality: raw, processed, annotated, metadata
• extending the state-of-the art in algorithms, tools and infrastructure to handle distributed processing and large volumes of data


EXUS brings together professionals of diverse research backgrounds, including experts in data management, machine learning, privacy and security, user interfaces, and visualization. In line with EXUS’ interests and capabilities our portfolio of data analytics research activities includes the following projects.


Projects Gallery

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