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Creativity & Learning

Technology for boundaryless creativity


Increasing engagement in the learning process

EXUS transforms learning activities into unique experiences, by adopting the latest trends in technology, developing innovative applications and having a close collaboration with user groups.

The outcomes of our research work enable individuals at any stage of their life (pupils, students, professionals, adults, elderly) to take part in stimulating learning experiences.
Over the years we have contributed to the evolution of technology-enhanced learning through our collaboration with numerous users and renowned international partners. Thanks to this collaboration EXUS has developed a Learning Management System that supports content creators in the authoring and delivery of learning activities.
We excel in the application of strategic management, quality control and efficient coordination of multinational projects. Our projects aim at empowering non-technical people to express their creativity seamlessly, at extracting creativity triggers from learning resources and at increasing engagement in the learning process.


EXUS actively participates in the H2020 research and innovation programme, as well as in national funding schemes. In its projects EXUS invests in crowdsourcing and investigates concepts around micro-multinationals, as these will be central in driving product development in creativity worldwide. The aim of EXUS Innovation is to build omni-channel learning solutions providing seamless and effortless, high-quality experiences to their users. Find more details about our research work in Creativity & Learning in the following projects:

Creativity & Learning

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