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EXUS AI Labs, the R&D department of EXUS, is where we design and develop robust and trustworthy AI solutions that allow us to leverage the untapped potential of big data analytics across multiple verticals. For more than 25 years, EXUS has gained substantial experience in managing research activities, from the ideation to the realization phase, taking advantage of a highly professional and diverse team. Currently, EXUS AI Labs coordinates and participates in projects which have received funding under the H2020 Research and Innovation Programme, as well as national funding schemes such as Innovate UK.

We, at EXUS AI Labs, take a stand for Artificial Intelligence that can be harnessed as a vehicle towards a better world.

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Ongoing H2020 projects


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Working with Artificial Intelligence

We impact the technological future by developing techniques to capture, process, analyse and visualise large datasets in timeframes not accessible to standard IT technologies.

In view of a European Big Data business ecosystem, EXUS aims to contribute to the generalisation of Artificial intelligence, the openness of data and the commoditisation of Big Data platforms, with focus on providing robust solutions to real problems and across a multitude of verticals.

We have deep knowledge of specific market sectors thanks to our global customers and therefore leverage exclusive insights to build market oriented services based on AI.

Areas of Excellence

Areas of Excellence


AI Projects
Would you like to ask something about the projects we run? Are you interested in commonly exploiting our project results? We would like to hear from you!

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